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Metro Québec Sponsorship Requests

Hello and welcome to Metro's sponsorship site for Quebec. In order to process to your request efficiently, please be sure to complete the correct sponsorship form.

Please note:

  • All requests received will be kept confidential; requests are typically analyzed and processed within a 4-6 week period.

***Important*** We cannot consider requests for events that will take place within 4 weeks or less.

  • All requests must be submitted through this website; we cannot consider requests submitted by phone, email, or postal mail.
  • For your convenience, you can print the form before filling it out online.

***Please note*** Due to the high number of requests we receive, follow-ups will be conducted by email only.


Before submitting your proposal, be sure to read our guidelines for sponsorship in Québec, below, to ensure you meet Metro's basic criteria:

Regional or Provincial Sponsorships

This document addresses regional or provincial monetary sponsorships of more than $1,000.

For any sponsorship valued at less than $1000 (whether the sponsorship be monetary or product-based), please contact a Metro grocer in your area to file an application. To find the nearest Metro grocery store, please visit our Find A Store section at

Metro's community involvement through various sponsorships

Metro, along with its grocers, is proud to invest in the communities where it operates, by partnering in local or regional events that bring Quebecers together.

More specifically, Metro wants to help local communities better enjoy life by getting involved in their economic, social, and sports activities.

Here are the kinds of events Metro sponsors:

  • Organization / Sports events
  • Organization / Cultural events (festivals, neighbourhood celebrations, etc.)
  • Organization / On-field events
  • Major/large-scale events / Events open to the general public
  • Corporate events

Types of events Metro does not sponsor:

  • Projects of a religious nature
  • Projects of a political nature
  • Projects that benefits only one person

Thank you for your interest in Metro.

Have a great day!

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